Pomeranian Shampoo Intensive Repair


Why do we love it?
Restores vitality to the skin and hair!.
A shampoo especially formulated for pomeranias that need intensive hydration.
The intensive repair Shampoo formula enriched with caviar extract, silk proteins, provitamin B5, vitamin E and Phytokeratin, is a powerful ultra-hydrating cocktail specially formulated for pomeranias with damaged, dry or very cottoned hair. Our concentrate restores hydration, natural shine and the mantle recovers softness thanks to caviar and silk proteins. 
For maximum hydration use with Pomeranian Beauty mask and intensive Repair conditioner.
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  • Dosing pump for greater comfort when applying and saving product.
  • provides hydration, leaving hair and skin soft, completely repaired.
  • Toxic free without sulphates, salts or parabens.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Enriched with:Caviar: It is an exclusive active ingredient that hydrates, nourishes, regenerates and revitalizes the skin and hair. Its effects last for days.
  • Silk proteins responsible for providing softness and shine to the coat.
          POMERANIAN BEAUTY TIPS: give only one soap to respect the skin.