Pomeranian Pom Mask


Deep hydration + spectacular volume. WOW!
A formula made especially for pomeranias.
Its powerful regenerating action and its high moisturizing power make it the perfect ally in Pomeranian care.
The high harmony of its components make this mask an ideal treatment to perform at home.
Follow our instructions and learn how to take care of your Pomeranian skin.


  • Smooth and voluminous finish.
  • Paraben free.


  • Olive leaf extract used in ancient Egypt for its properties and benefits for the skin.
  • High concentration of Oleoutopeina with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunoestulant properties.
  • With a powerful regenerating action and high moisturizing power.
  • Vitamin E with repairing and stimulating properties of hair growth.
  • Vitamin A keeps hair naturally moisturized.
  • Vitamin C hair strengthener
The amount will depend on the hydration required by the coat. The best thing to do is to take a small amount and distribute it and the hair will demand you for more or less depending on its condition. The skirt and tail is usually where it needs more to be a drier hair.
It is very important to let it act between 5 and 10 minutes, so that the active principles have their effect. Wrap the Pomeranian in a towel waiting time.
At the back of the ears avoid putting mask, it is a very greasy area. And it can remain greased after drying. If you see what happens to you, in the next bath when you have removed the mask you put a drop of shampoo volume in each ear (back) wash and rinse with water, so you will always be perfect that area!
Rinse with plenty of water.


Mascarilla Personalizada Alopecia