Volume Treatment

The volume treatment is aimed at Pomeranians who seek more volume, and need moderate hydration. Our treatment begins by stimulating the natural growth of hair by its collagen content, which is the basis for achieving a progressive volume that improves with each use. The Pro Vit B5 strengthens, gives thickness, and is a color enhancer. The combination of these ingredients finally gives you a mantle with more body, texture and density. “Multiplier effect” DO NOT STOP THE VOLUME!

Voluminous Pom Shampoo

Wash without drying with our line without sulfates. Voluminous shampoo adds texture to the mantle and doubles its density giving the appearance that the mantle multiplies, Dont stop the Volume!

Voluminous Pom Mask

Treat the skin by providing the hydration and nutrients you need with our Pom Mask formula that has the perfect balance between hydration and volume for Pomeranian hair

Voluminous Pom Conditioner

Texturize,at the end we will give the mantle the last touch, the perfect finish with our Voluminous Pom spray that brings volume WOW effect instantly with just a few sprays.